Oct 14, 2010

Tips to win the American Green Card Lottery

Here are some tips to help you to win the Green Card lottery.The experienced visa experts at Global Visas have been around to see more than fifteen USA.Green Card lotteries, so it’s safe to assume that we know a little about applying for a US residency visa.For the next month, people from countries with low rates of migration to the US will be able to apply under the DIV Programme for free in a bid to take themselves and their families to the USA.This popular route to move to the USA is attempted by as many as 15 million people from eligible countries around the world each year. The competition for the 55,000 visas is huge and if you want any chance of making it, you’ll need some inside information on making the most of your chances.So, from the world’s number one immigration consultancy, here are three handy tips to maximise your chances of winning the US Green Card Lottery.
 . Ensure your US Green Card submission has no mistakes. Easily the worst thing you can do is fill your US visa application out incorrectly. Whether you’re lying on the immigration form or have a slip of the pen that you forget to fix – no mistake is okay. The USA prides itself on a rigorous vetting scheme and if you don’t fill a form out right, your whole chance to move to one of the greatest countries in the world dies. So don’t risk losing out on the US Green Card lottery – use professionals who know every inch of the system and have been helping millions of people from around the world.

 Don’t forget your wife.It’s the easiest way to double your chances of getting a USA Green Card. Submitting just one application for your family is great, but completely ignores the simplest method of improving the odds of winning the US visa lottery.If you’re married, with or without children, make sure your spouse submits an application as well! In the eyes of the US immigration officials, everyone is equal (so long as you meet the requirements). So although it requires a lot of extra work getting together all the right documents, make sure you do it! It could save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

. Submit your USA Green Card application as early as possible.It may seem a bit obvious but the earlier you get your application for a US Green Card completed, the better your chances. Why is that? It’s not as if US Immigration authorities give greater priority to those on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

But what you will find is that, if you leave it towards the final few days of October and early November, you’ll be among the millions of people who are also trying to log on to the official site to submit their application. As the US Department of State has announced it is only receiving online applications, the visa scramble will be even greater. Many popular websites like Twitter or the BBC news pages know the problem of being hit by too many requests at one time, resulting in long downtimes and an inability for anyone to access the content. So if you don’t want to be on the outside looking in, make sure you get your documents gathered up quickly and apply as early as you can.

Global Visas has offices in ten countries around the world and certified immigration law specialists who can ensure your USA Green Card application is as right as possible. Contact us and let us help you make your dreams come true.

at last : Don't pay to apply,  Application is available online for free at the official immigration website: www.dvlottery.state.gov
Take care,  it suites only with internet explorer not Firefox or any other web browser.
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